Our approach is holistic, participatory and regional. 

A Holistic Approach:

To achieve our primary objective in a broad and comprehensive manner, we have adopted a holistic approach to tackle a range of related issues such as the quality of Arabic children’s literature, the access Arab children have to good children’s literature, the existence of spaces and initiatives for the promotion of reading, research, the existence and quality of higher education courses and research related to this field and the opportunities for national and regional networking among stakeholders in the field.

A Participatory Approach:

The programme methodology is to ensure the participation of all the sectors involved in Reading and Children’s Literature from planning to implementation to evaluation. The national work plans and activities in each country are elaborated and implemented by national actors with the programme management team providing technical support and strategic guidance. In addition, the Host Institutions and national stakeholders are consulted in the planning of regional activities and involved in the implementation of these activities.

A Regional Approach:

Most countries in the MENA region (Middle East and North Africa) share the same language, and to a large extent, the same culture and religion; this is an important basis for the regional approach of our programme. In the field of children literature, cooperation among Arab countries would enrich and enhance the production of children’s literature in Arabic and the promotion of reading.  However, networking among organizations in the Arab world, including in the field of Children Literature, still needs to be developed and strengthened. In this regard, an important achievement has been raising awareness and stimulating debate about the situation, local needs and potential related to children literature in each country as a first step for a more regional discussion.