Our objective is to foster the development of children in the Arab region through promoting among them the reading of Arabic children’s books.

The programme supports activities that motivate and inspire children to read.  We also support activities, such as advocacy and capacity building, that target parents, teachers and librarians and other stakeholders working with children. The programme also supports spaces of reading such as public and school libraries as well as resource centres.

To improve reading, the programme realizes the importance of having good children’s literature available in the Arabic language.  That is why the programme seeks to encourage the production of quality Arabic children’s literature, ensure that children in the MENA region have access to a wide variety of good children’s literature available in the Arabic language and stimulate a critical discussion about the quality of children’s literature through research and debate.

As a regional programme, a major aim is to increase dialogue between Arab countries in the field of children’s literature and reading promotion through providing stakeholders with opportunities for contact-making, networking and cooperation.

Target groups

The primary target group of the programme is children, from infants to teenagers, in the five focus countries, with special focus on marginalised groups such as poor children, girls, children with disabilities, etc.

Secondary target groups include:

  • professionals of the chain of book production such as authors, publishers, distributors, illustrators;
  • libraries, NGO’s and professionals such as teachers, librarians and other practitioners who work with the children; and
  • decision and policy-makers