The programme management team relies heavily on a range of partners for the implementation of our work plans, both regional and national.  The most important of these partners are the Host Institutions and the national core groups in each of the five countries.


The Host institution:

In each country, a local organization has been identified by the Programme management team as the Host Institution.  The role of the Host Institution is to coordinate the elaboration of the work plans, supervise and monitor the work of partners, and evaluate the implementation of the work plan in a participatory manner.  It also facilitates contact between the management team, the national core group and all relevant stakeholders. They are consulted in the design of regional activities and counted upon to cooperate in the implementation of regional activities.


The National Core Groups:

The national core groups (NCG’s) are composed individuals, NGO’s, private and Governmental Institutions interested and involved in the field of children literature in each country. They include “decision makers” (managers, representatives of ministries), professionals in the chain of book production and institutions or practitioners working with children to promote reading, with a focus on those who work with girls and in deprived areas.

The role of the NCGs has included the identification of the problems and the needs of the CL sector in its local, national and regional aspects, the implementation of projects as part of the national work plan and their involvement in activities as experts or participants.