Best Fiction Book for Children with Special Needs

The Anna Lindh Foundation and partners join forces in offering financial support for the promotion of quality books for children with special needs across the Arab Region

Until the 25th of November 2010, publishing houses and NGOs in Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria are invited to submit entries of books that benefit children with special needs for an opportunity to receive financial support and to allow children with special needs to have access to quality children’s books.

The Anna Lindh Foundation’s Arab Children Literature Regional Programme is launching its first ever call for “Best Fiction Book for Children with Special Needs” in order to promote reading for pleasure among these children, through providing them with access to quality story books or products available in the Arabic language.  

Publishing houses and NGOs can submit their fiction books that are either in a format that is accessible to certain children with special needs (for example Braille and/or Tactile books for visually-impaired children, Audiovisual material with sign language for hearing-impaired children), or address the topic of children with special needs in a sensitive and intelligent manner (such as stories that have children with special needs as main characters) or both.

The Arab Children Literature Regional Programme will support the publisher of the best book through buying 150 copies for the programme.

09/01/2010 - 11/25/2010
Implemented by: 
Anna Lindh Foundation
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