Social Networking and its role in the development of Children's Literature


From 16 to 18 January 2011, the Integrated Care Society organised a workshop entitled “How can librarians use social networking sites (SNS) in implementing Arab children Literature effectively and safely?”.  The workshop was attended by 24 librarians from different libraries affiliated with the Integrated Care Society (ICS) and who came from different Egyptian governorates. The workshop focused on the following topics: defining Web 2.0, giving an overview about the technology, its definitions, history, and online collaboration tools, and highlighting the benefits of social networking sites in a professional context, understanding and articulating (SNS) and its role. Furthermore, means of evaluating information’s quality and assuring privacy and security was brought into spotlight.

The workshop aimed to train librarians on how to use social networking sites as wikis, blogs, vlogs, in order to enhance the children's experiences of literature as well as promote awareness and knowledge about Arab children’s literature.

The workshop was lead by professor Hisham Fathi, Automation Management Assistant, Library of Congress Cairo office

01/16/2011 - 01/18/2011
Implemented by: 
Integrated Care Society