Training for Writers

This training was held in the context of strengthening the role of children's literature in the healthy development of children. The training course was entitled meaningful methods of writing for children.

The training followed an interactive methodology and was based on discussion and application. It focused on several topics including the following:

  • Definition of children's literature
  • What makes a successful author of children's literature?
  • Why write for children?
  • Classification of children's literature books according to age groups
  • Focus on key figures related to the lives of children, such as father and mother, grandfather and grandmother, brother and sister, comrades
  • Linking the story to daily routines of children's lives such as sleeping early, fear of the dark, children, refusing to go to school

Expert Fatimah Sharaf Al Deen, who was invited from Lebanon especially for this purpose, hosted the training, which was attended by 20 authors and writers from Jordan and Palestine.

09/12/2009 - 09/16/2009
Implemented by: 
The Arab Foundation for Sustainable Development (Ruwwad)
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