What a Story: Children’s Literature Today

Bahithat, the Association of Women Researchers has organized on June 12th through 14th an international conference on children’s literature in Beirut. The project was co-funded by different sponsors and brought together researchers, authors, illustrators and publishers of children’s book not only from countries all over the Arab world, but also from Europe and Asia.

The conference was attended by over 80 visitors each day, a number that clearly exceeded the expectations of the organizers. Among the attendees were also a large number of young professionals, working in the field of children’s literature (illustrators, educators, authors etc.).

An idea to publish a book on children’s literature had emerged after the conference in which the writers and illustrators had exchanged experiences regarding different work methodologies and to broaden the space for creative work in children’s literature.

The book discussed several issues among them:

  • Social and cultural environment in children’s books
  • Types of conflicts in children’s literature
  • Censorship and its effects on children’s literature
  • Representation of family and the space dedicated to it in children’s literature
  • Illustrations and the role of imagination in children’s literature

The publication is in both English and Arabic. To oder click here.

06/12/2009 - 06/14/2009
Implemented by: 
Bahithat, the Association of Women Researchers