Since the end of civil war in 1990, there has been a strong movement to establish public libraries in various parts of the county. Their number is currently close to 100 libraries. For the most part, they are under the jurisdiction of the municipal councils. However, the infrastructure related to class or school libraries, especially in public schools, is weak and needs to be further developed.  A national reading campaign or the National Week for Reading has been implemented since…… 

In recent years, the publishing sector in Lebanon has made great strides in the field of the production of children’s literature, especially picture books. From one year to another, the number of books published for children is increasing, and the quality of the books, especially the illustrations, is among the best in the Arab world.

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Assabil, the Friends of Public Libraries, is a Lebanese NGO founded in 1997 to establish and support public libraries in Lebanon, free and open to everyone. Assabil believes that public libraries play an important role in the development of individuals and societies. Free and unlimited access to information is an essential prerequisite for the development of a well-informed citizenry and democratic society. Public libraries are also important public spaces: places where everyone is welcome and where people from different socioeconomic, religious, and political backgrounds can meet one another and exchange ideas.
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