In this section, you can find directories of relevant stakeholders and organizations active in the field of children’s literature production and the promotion of reading. The directories are updated frequently.  If you would like to be included in these databases or would like to include another individual or organization, click on the Get Involved button and complete the form.

Authors: Authors of books for children

Illustrators: Illustrators of books for children

Publishers: Publishing houses or NGO’s with a demonstrated profile of publishing books for Arab children; syndicates of publishers are included here

Practitioners: Storytellers, trainers and animators on topics related to children’s literature, researchers and academics working or teaching in this field

Libraries: Public libraries primarily targeting children or with specialized sections for children

Bookstores: Commercial bookstores with special sections for Arabic children’s literature

Organisations: NGO’s and public agencies active in the field of Children’s literature and the promotion of reading