Mohieddin Ellabbad

Mohieddin Ellabbad was born in Cairo, Egypt, where he studied painting at the Cairo Academy of Fine Arts. He wrote and illustrated his first book for children in 1961. In 1974, he co-founded the first Palestinian children's book publisher, Dar Al Fata Al Arabi. He has also worked as art director, author, illustrator and designer for many other publishing companies as well as for newspapers and magazines in Egypt and other countries.

Mohieddin's books have received numerous prizes, including three prizes for the best children's book in Arabic from the Beirut Book Fair and a silver medal from the Leipzig International Book Fair. Previously published in Arabic, French and German, The Illustrator's Notebook won the prestigious Golden Apple award at the Biennial of Illustration in Bratislava, the Octogone de Chêne from the Centre International d'Études en Littérature de Jeunesse in France, and the Bern Blaue Brillenschlange award.

Mohieddin Ellabbad left us in September 2010.