Noura Shuqair

Quoting Noura:

"Our heritage creates our futures. Coming from a rich culture unique in its customs and religion, makes me work hard, trying to prevent the beautiful cultural and religious details from vanishing in this new era. My work is an assemblage of politics, religion, beauty, and personal manners.  Beneath my "beautiful" work, though, there is always an irony and a deep message for the audience to consider.My work varies between two and three-dimensional works. I also use techniques, such as drawing, mixed media, digital, and sculpture. In short, I use whatever material helps me to deliver my message. The texture of the materials has always been my passion, so I use found objects and create new ones to execute my work so the audience can feel originality and modernity in my work. Ultimately, my goal is to deliver to viewers my visions, my thoughts, and my feelings about the subject I am addressing in my work, so they can feel it and touch it with their whole senses. "

Saudi Arabia