Tamer Institute for Community Education

Tamer Institute for Community Education is an educational non-governmental non-profit organization established in 1989 as a natural and necessary response to the urgent needs of the Palestinian community during the first intifada (uprising). The most important of these is the need to acquire means to help people learn and become productive. Focusing principally on the rights to education, identity, freedom of expression, and access to information, Tamer works across the West Bank and Gaza Strip, primarily targeting children and young people and developing alternatives and supplements to formal education. Our programs promote reading and writing on the national and regional levels, in the development of children’s literature, creative self-expression as well as youth empowerment through advocacy and community development initiatives. Our philosophy is centered on the idea that learning environments for children and young people can only be created among youth who are encouraged to read, write, and participate in dialogue while working in small groups united by a common dream and joint aspirations. In order to increase community learning, youth should also be involved in action at the community level, and come out with a tangible end product.

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Ruba Totah
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P.O. Box : 1973 El Zahraa street, Shoeib building, second floor, Ramallah-Palestine