Assabil Annual Prize for Children Literature 2010


Assabil Annual Prize for Children Literature 2010

For the second year, Assabil Association – Friends of Public Libraries, awards its annual prize for best children books.

Assabil has launched this prize in the framework of a regional programme to develop Arab children literature with the support of Anna Lindh Foundation and funded by SIDA.

The prize is worth 3000USD awarded to the author in compliance with the following conditions: author’s text in Arabic, not translated, published in Lebanon by a Lebanese publisher and written for age group of 6-11years.

The jury was comprised of professionals specialized in the field of children literature, of whom the under mentioned ladies and gentlemen: Joumana Bohlouq, Hala ElBarzi, Nagla Khoury, Mayda Makdesy Freiji and Hassan Daher.

The jury nominated the winning book, hence selection was made from 138 books, and in addition to prize winning book, the jury denoted 3 other books according to the following standards:

Creativity – Ability to stimulate imagination – Attractive illustrations, which was characterized by innovative artistic techniques and colors. As per the content, the jury focused on new topics that deal with critical issues in a humorous and creative style.

The 1st prize was awarded to Nabiha Mheidli, for her book “Yasser’s Buying List – La’ehat Moshtariat Yasser”, published by Dar ElHada’eq in 2010. The book first found it’s way to the public at the 101 Books Exhibition, organized by Arab Children Literatures Regional Programme.

The jury denoted the following books:

  1. AlHamza, written by: Hanady Diia and Manal Shamma, published by Assala Publishing and Distribution 2010
  2. Qisaty, written by Samah Idris, published by Dar AlAddab 2010
  3. Series of Phoenician Heroes, written by Sana’ Shabbany, published by Mou’alef 2010

Assabil Association invites all publishers and authors interested in participating at next year’s contest for 2011’s books to send their books to the association’s premises at Ras ElNaba’a or any of Beirut’s Municipal Public Libraries, from now till 30th of December 2011.

On the occasion of prize awarding, celebration of opening a children’s section at Beirut’s Municipal Public Library at Monnot, took place. The section’s refurbishment of the section was funded by Anna Lindh Foundation and Île-de-France.

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