Motivating Children to Read through Storytelling

Some students consider reading challenging. As they grow up, it becomes frustrating for them which does not give them the impulse to grab a book and read. They are demotivated. English language teachers seek methods and strategies to support their students with the best learning environment. This study investigates whether storytelling is a practical and powerful teaching tool in grade six in a private school in Beirut, Lebanon. Also, it aims to see if it can motivate children not only to read more but also to read stories of different genres. This research study points out some effective ways or techniques of storytelling that can be used with sixth graders in a private school in Lebanon. The target population consists of one class of eleven to twelve year old children in a grade six in a private school in Beirut where English is taught as a second language. The instruments used for data collection consist of one semi-structured interview with an ESL teacher, a questionnaire distributed to the sixth grade class, and non-participant observation conducted by the researcher. Results show that students lack interest in reading stories. Their teacher tries to use storytelling skills in the language classroom because the observation showed that the students were motivated in the classroom discussions, and they shared their ideas and stories.

Rima Sinno
Lebanese American University
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A Project Presented to the Faculty of The Education Department
In Partial Fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Degree of Masters of Arts in Education
By Rima Sinno
Under the direction of Dr. Rima Bahous
Lebanese American University
May, 2010

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